• JGW Photography: New Website

    JGW Photography: New Website

    It has been a lot of fun building this brand new website for JGW Photography. What you will find:- There is a lot more content to add and I’ll be busy over the coming weeks getting everything uploaded. Actors, especially look out for the galleries of previous headshots which will show you the range of…

  • Headshot Guides : 10 Mistakes to Avoid

    Headshot Guides : 10 Mistakes to Avoid

    When you are looking for an actor headshot photographer it is essential that the one you choose is familiar with what Spotlight, Agents and Casting Directors demand or you might waste all your money! Coming up with ten points here was not difficult at all, but you would be surprised how many actors land up…

  • Actor Headshots: Phill Martin

    Actor Headshots: Phill Martin

    Phill Martin was born in Derbyshire, England. Phill was always tall for his age and stuck out to be a truly unique individual. Phill stands at an impressive 7 feet tall (or 213cm) which would eventually lead him down the path of a successful acting career. Although he didn’t start his career in acting until…

  • BTS Film: Locked Out – Day One

    BTS Film: Locked Out – Day One

    It was an incredible experience to be on the set of a film production for the first time and I’ll always be very grateful to have been trusted with the opportunity. Glad to say (and at the time relieved!), everyone was very pleased with the results and the final photos were used for promotional materials…

  • BTS: Stage: Avenue Q

    BTS: Stage: Avenue Q

    It was amazing to be involved with the Streetlight’s fantastic production of Avenue Q. Here is the whole story in photos, enjoy!