Customer Review - Sara Beasley

October 02, 2016

Sara BeasleySara BeasleyHeadshot and portfolio shoot. Sara Beasley on JGW Photography

What really makes my day as an actor headshot photographer is when my headshots help actors to get the success they deserve.

Following new headshots Sara has signed with a new agent and has landed castings in both Peaky Blinders and Coronation Street.

Congratulations to you, Sara, and a big thank you for writing your review.  I can't help wondering what 2016 will bring!

Read on to hear what Sara has to say .....

Headshot Magic!

I recently had my second visit to Jenny for some new headshots, and had the best and craziest time ever!  I'm also happy to say I've just secured roles in both Peaky Blinders and Coronation Street since, so the work she produces sure seems to help!

Though Jenny is a true professional and really knows her stuff (and gets great results as a consequence) she manages to make it so much fun and get the best out of you.  She understands the necessity to get you relaxed first and form a partnership with you to gain that common goal – excellent headshots.

Without you being aware of it Jenny begins to get a feel for the essence of you as a person, which eventually reflects in the shots she gets.  I was really puzzled when she got me to wink into the camera, not something I do every day!  Then she shot a few more after that and looking back at the sequence of images she took, this trick really helped to relax my face – I just don't know how she does it – it's like magic!

Once the photoshoot is over, then it's time for the difficult bit – narrowing them down to your final choices. So many great shots to choose from!  This part of the session is very much a matter of elimination; choosing just the right expressions you are after to reflect your 'type'.  And while you concentrate on that element, Jenny looks at the technical side – lighting, exposure, angles etc.

If you are looking for a photographer I really could not recommend Jenny high enough. She really goes above and beyond for her clients, nothing is too much trouble and you are made to feel like you're working as a team to get those fabulous results.

Thanks a million Jenny.  

Sara Beasley - Actress